You Need SEO – Here’s Why

There are so many options for marketing your business and web site. It can be confusing and hard to decide the best way to spend your marketing dollars. Recently SEO News, an online newsletter, detailed the reasons SEO should be part of your marketing plan.  A summary is below.

According to a report by SearchEngineLand in 2010, over 3 billion searches are made each day on Google alone. That’s 34,000 searches per second.

Of that huge number of searches, the web is able to grab those who are searching for something your site offers and present them directly to you. They are already interested because they initiated the search and therefore much easier to convert to a sale.

This ability to provide very well qualified traffic to your site makes SEO the most cost effective marketing method. And you can measure and track conversions in a way you never could with traditional methods. With analytics programs you can see right away what brings traffic to your site and even what results in the most sales. This would be impossible to do with print, broadcast or outdoor ads.