Is Your Site SEO Friendly?

Your site is a reflection of your business so you probably spent a lot of time and effort (not to mention money) to get it just right. You considered so many elements to make it visually interesting, yet professional and informational. What may not have been considered however, is whether the search engines will be able to read all that information to determine what is on your site. If they can’t read it, they can’t rank your page.

Search Engine crawlers like text and can’t “see” information presented in more visual ways such as Flash and JavaScript.  Multiple images on a page can be compelling but offer little for the crawlers to read. What we humans find interesting can be really boring to a crawler.

Take a look at your site. If your pages are all images and visual content, try to add some text to the mix to support them. Let your viewers and the search engine spiders read what your site is about. You may find it not only makes the spiders happy, it might make your website viewers happy too.