Is Social Media Replacing Links?

There has been a lot of talk about social media and social signals in relation to Google rankings with speculation that links are dead and social signals are what Google’s algorithms are noticing and rewarding with higher rankings. This may be a result of everyone trying to figure out what the changes to Google’s algorithm, like Panda, are doing to their rankings.

So wait, does this mean that all the link building you’ve been doing is worthless? Not at all says Google’s Matt Cutts. He allows that social signals are important and will gain importance is the next ten years, but should not be depended upon entirely. He thinks the idea that links don’t matter is due to the misperception that most or all links available are no-follow links. Not true, he says, as more than 90% of the links out there are do-follow links.

It’s clear, then, that to have a good ranking you need both link building and social media management. Web Rocket Solutions can provide an internet marketing campaign to keep your site a the top of search engine results pages.