Call Tracking Technology

Enhance marketing campaigns. Improve ROI.
Call Tracking Technology

By using call tracking technology, you can make the most of your marketing efforts by identifying what works and what doesn’t during the course of your marketing campaign.

Integrate your website with call tracking technology that can do the following:

  • Record and track leads that call in from your website
  • Provide reporting that shows call data by keyword, time of day, and more
  • Increase return on investment

Easy, Instant Setup

Set up new numbers instantly in our intuitive software, and start receiving phone calls immediately.

Custom Call Configuration

Call Flow Builder is a robust feature that enables intelligent call routing. Options include greetings, menus, simulcall, round robin, schedules, and voicemail that can be chained together to meet your specific needs.

Whisper Messages

Find out which campaign is driving calls to your business as soon as you pick up the phone. Listen to our pre-call message then tailor your approach to each caller, even before the call begins.

Call Recording

Record calls for lead qualification and coaching to increase call conversion rates. Assess the quality of campaigns so you know where to invest your time and marketing spend while evaluating the level of service your customers receive.

Campaign Attribution

Dynamic number insertion shows a unique phone number to each visitor so you know which campaign delivered the call. View a snapshot of your marketing channel’s performance.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Know which campaigns are driving calls by viewing our clear, intuitive, real-time analytics dashboard. You can also export custom reports and integrate using our built-in integrations and API.