The European Union makes GDPR official. Will the U.S. be next?

What does the GDPR mean for me? The Official Explanation The highly anticipated General Data Protection Regulations, (GDPR), were recently codified to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union. Seen as a major step towards protecting an individual’s privacy, the agreement replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive. Enforcement of GDPR is

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Investing Your Tax Refund into Growing Your Business

While there are many excellent choices to invest your tax refund….investment account, stocks, retirement savings, children’s college education fund etc. One often overlooked area for business owners is self-marketing and branding. Why is that? After talking with several business owners, two answers became apparent. First, local business owners are often stuck in a rut. They

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Creating Myspace Accounts in 2018

APRIL FOOLS As popular as Myspace once was, it is now practically non-existent. Myspace was launched in 2003 and was acquired by News Corporation in 2005. In 2006, Myspace had more visitors than Google! In the face of competition, Myspace was surpassed by Facebook in 2009 in the number of U.S. Visitors. Afterwards, they have

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Non-HTTPS websites can hurt your business

Google Warning SEO Providers about HTTPS Since 2013, Google has been encouraging Internet marketing agencies to implement SSL certificates. An SSL certificate allows a website to be accessed over HTTPS, which encrypts information sent between the visitor and web server. Websites using SSL continue to get an SEO boost since it became a confirmed ranking

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Reasons to hire a local NJ SEO company

You know you need to grow your business, plain and simple. You have many choices where to advertise, but online advertising is tough to beat. No other method of advertising allows targeted marketing at such a low cost. Once you made the decision to proceed with internet marketing, you need to hire an NJ SEO company.

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Is Your Site SEO Friendly?

Your site is a reflection of your business so you probably spent a lot of time and effort (not to mention money) to get it just right. You considered so many elements to make it visually interesting, yet professional and informational. What may not have been considered however, is whether the search engines will be

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You Need SEO – Here’s Why

There are so many options for marketing your business and web site. It can be confusing and hard to decide the best way to spend your marketing dollars. Recently SEO News, an online newsletter, detailed the reasons SEO should be part of your marketing plan.  A summary is below. According to a report by SearchEngineLand

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